Who is an insurance broker?

An insurance broker is a kind of a “legal” advisor on insurance affairs. During a process of reaching insurance agreement he is a proxy of the Client rather than a representative of an insurance company, as is the case with insurance agents.


As a broker we are independent of insurance companies. Independence and professionalism make us very flexible and effective. We act on behalf of our Client for whom we build an insurance programme that best suits specific Client’s needs. Then we approach different insurance companies with our programme and negotiate to obtain the most effective insurance cover with the most competitive premium rates available within the market. We pay special attention to the security of the insurance companies being approached.


Broker Serwis Sp. z o.o. has over 10 years experience rendering insurance services to corporate clients as well as to medium and small businesses. We offer the full range of insurance products. Numerous testimonials from our satisfied Clients confirm the quality of our services.



» Advantages for companies


Cooperation with an insurance professional who is on the Client’s side


A broker (in opposite to an insurance agent or insurance company employee) is not concerned to hide weak points in products offered by insurers. In order to keep and gain clients a broker takes care to provide information that will allow the management of a company to make an objective insurance decision. Even if a company has a relevant section that is dedicated to analysing offers from insurers it is a good practice to know independent opinion from a broker whose knowledge and experience include various insurance situations.



» Transfer of liability for concluded insurance agreements


One of the major advantages that arise from the cooperation with a broker, besides getting professional advice, is a transfer of liability for concluded insurance agreements (Art. 429 of Polish Civil Code). A broker bears liability for mistakes that expose his client to damages due to badly concluded insurance contracts or due to allocation of insurance to insecure insurers.



» Broker remuneration


The Polish insurance market functions in the way that broker’s remuneration is paid directly by insurers. Despite some opinions this practice is not connected with a rise in premium rates. The insurer, instead of paying a commission to its agent, pays it just to a broker. In this point it is worth mentioning that a broker conducts risk analysis by himself and thus decreases the administrative costs of the insurance company. Comprehensive risk analysis conducted by a broker provides him with objective knowledge about risks to be insured. In effect, he has arguments on how to negotiate premium rates to be objectively low. The negotiation power of a broker is usually stronger than the negotiation power of a Client. One important reason for that is: a broker deals with portfolio of Clients and thus provides more money for an insurance company in premiums than any single Client does. Our practice shows that broker services never lead to rise in premiums.



» The policy of preserving good relationship with current insurers


We profess the philosophy of respecting and sustaining good relationship between Clients and their current insurers. We consider it a matter of security and good trade practices to respect such good relations and try to allocate insurance programmes with those insurers.



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